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Dealers praise first demonstration of physical stock platform that protects margins and lowers barriers to entry of digital retail

December 4, 2018




-    Manufacturer-agnostic platform lowers barriers to entry of digital retail

-    Ease of integration and fixed cost pricing model praised

-    Protects margins by allowing retailers to maintain control of deal quality and add value through       customer experience


THAKEHAM, UK, 4th December 2018: Automotive retailers responded enthusiastically to physical stock platform CarWizz at its dealer launch in Birmingham on 8th November. Announced in October, this was the first time the platform had been publicly unveiled and demonstrated, with both the concept and implementation receiving praise from visiting dealer principles and franchise directors.

Senior retailers were particularly encouraged to see the issues of physical stock and margin protection addressed in a way that embraces online buying trends and the increasing demands for immediacy among consumers. By only advertising stock vehicles at list price, CarWizz returns full control of negotiations and deal quality to retailers, which co-founder Michael Lowdell considers a core appeal; “the CarWizz platform bridges traditional and online retailing in a way that returns control of customer relationships to retailers and integrates negotiations within their existing sales processes, thus combining the traditional online advantage of reaching an out-of-area audience without the disadvantage of committing to a near-cost or below-cost price.”

The platform’s low barriers to entry were seen as a further plus point, especially for smaller and mid-sized groups without the resources to justify or develop in-house platforms.  No specialist systems integration is required, with the option for vehicle administrators to either upload an Excel file of vehicle details to the platform on a daily basis, or semi-automate the process via an FTP upload.

Conceived by former senior managers from a leading automotive retail group, CarWizz is not a broker and is not a price comparison site.

“CarWizz allows retailers to escape the race to the bottom encouraged by online brokerages and advertising platforms by only displaying hosted vehicles at list price,” stated Nigel Barber, co-founder of CarWizz. Accordingly, utilising CarWizz retains not only the manufacturer’s original price proposition vis-à-vis competitors, but also the chance for sales executives and business managers to maximise retained chassis profit, finance and insurance penetration during subsequent negotiations.

Barber believes this endeared CarWizz to both prestige and volume retailers, “volume brands can appear on the site without their natural price advantage being eroded by discounts from high-margin prestige marques, who in turn can focus on differentiating through features and service. This appeals to national importers facing price pressure through adverse currency movements, as well as retail groups who have invested heavily in newer, larger showrooms with a focus on the customer journey that has previously been difficult to integrate into online referrals.”

Demonstrations of the CarWizz platform are available via  ahead of a public launch slated for Q1 2019. The UK’s fifteen most popular brands will feature, with each manufacturer represented by at least three dealer groups.


About CarWizz:

CarWizz is a new car stock visibility tool for dealers that offers them the opportunity to load their stock onto a web portal where customers can view real live vehicles, which are available for delivery now. CarWizz is offered on a monthly subscription basis to new car dealers. Dealers either FTP upload their stock daily or a manually upload onto the CarWizz system daily. CarWizz will then advertise available stock to a national audience and provide dealers with enquiries via telephone or email. Dealers will be responsible for negotiating the price and delivery of any car that customers enquire about. CarWizz will track enquiries but will not be involved in the sales process.


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