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New commercial vehicle lubricant reduces emissions, fleet downtime and component wear

November 28, 2018


Millers Oils launches new TruckSynth 10W-40 to enhance benefits of increasingly complex engine technologies


Brighouse, UK, 28th November... Specialist British oil, lubricants and treatments manufacturer, Millers Oils, has launched an advanced new, fully-synthetic commercial vehicle engine oil developed for Euro VI engines. Trucksynth 10W-40 is also compatible for Euro IV and V engines, making it ideal for mixed age fleets. The new lubricant has been formulated to help optimise fuel economy, reduce emissions and increase efficiency of modern heavy-duty diesel engines. As well as offering maximum engine protection by reducing friction, TruckSynth helps to slowdown engine wear and maximise oil drain intervals to improve vehicle downtime.


“At a time when fuel costs are rising, emissions regulations are becoming increasingly stringent and more is being asked of engine components, fleet managers need some good news; Trucksynth 10W-40 continues to protect against engine wear and optimise fleet efficiency, even for mixed age fleets,” explains Thomas Katsoulas, Platform Manager. “As a fully-synthetic lubricant, TruckSynth 10W-40 has been carefully formulated to optimise the benefits brought by AdBlue, EGR and DPF systems, as well as working perfectly with existing emissions-reducing engine technologies.”


TruckSynth 10W-40 is OEM approved for MAN M 3477, Volvo VDS-3, Mack EO-N and Renault RLD-2. It also meets ACEA E6 & E7, API CI-4, MB 228.51, Cummins CES 20076 & 20077, Scania Low Ash, MTU Type 3.1 and CAT ECF-1-a specifications. It benefits from the use of high quality base oils and additives, helping to ensure that oil is circulated swiftly at cold start-up yet still provides maximum film strength even in the most arduous conditions.


“Millers Oils specialists have been working hard at our R&D facility and have calculated the optimal viscometric balance for providing advanced protection without jeopardising efficiency,” explains Katsoulas. “Some of the benefits to be expected by using Trucksynth 10W-40 are improved fuel economy and reduced oil consumption to help meet tightening emissions targets, mechanical reliability and prolonged component life.


“There is a wide range of commercial vehicles in the market using an equally diverse selection of aftertreatments, so it can be difficult to know which lubricant or additive to use,” continues Katsoulas. “To help make selection easier, we offer a technical helpline which is manned by specialists who can help find the most suitable technology for you to use on either a single vehicle or a fleet. We’ve found that customers value this support, which helps reduce the risk of incorrect ordering and ensures that they receive a high-quality service alongside top-quality products.”


TruckSynth 10W-40 is available in 5L, 20L, 205L, 500L, 1000L or bulk, and is just one of a range of commercial vehicle products from Millers Oils aimed at improving fuel economy and reducing emissions and vehicle downtime. The company also offers low friction transmission and driveline lubricants, fuel additives and greases for commercial, agriculture, plant, classic, passenger, motorsport and motorcycle markets. Full details of the company’s growing range can be found at


About Millers Oils
Millers Oils was founded in 1887 by John Watson Miller, and since then has displayed its talent for innovation and industry firsts through its status as a leading UK independent blender of oils and lubricants. Its expertise extends across a range of sectors and applications, from motorsport to off-highway, commercial to industrial. Renowned for its innovation, it devotes an equivalent R &D effort to its broad range of industrial lubricants as it does in areas such as its NANODRIVE reduced friction technology motorsport range. Its products are used by a wide range of companies including many household names.

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