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Government consultation on doubling ethanol content in petrol highlights importance of suitable solutions for older vehicles

September 26, 2018



E10 fuels could significantly damage the fuel systems of older vehicles, according to Millers Oils


Brighouse, UK, 26 September, 2018... With the UK government consulting on increasing the ethanol content of petrol to 10 percent (E10), owners of older vehicles are justifiably concerned about damage to their fuel systems. Specialist British oil, lubricants and treatments manufacturer Millers Oils, is addressing these issues with several technologies to help combat the corrosive characteristics of ethanol. Furthermore, the products are endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) following independent testing.


“Since UK fuel providers first introduced the current level of five percent ethanol, we have been supplying a range of products to combat its corrosive effects,” said Martyn Mann, Millers Oils Technical Director and former President, UK Lubrication Association. “The prospect of doubling the ethanol content, to ten percent, will greatly magnify the problem and make the use of appropriate additives essential for keeping older vehicles running optimally.”


The damaging effects of ethanol are widely recognised, even in the government’s own consultation documents. They include corrosion of fuel system components, particularly as moisture is readily absorbed into ethanol, incompatibility with many seal materials, and chemically attacking non-metallic fuel tanks.

Millers Oils’ premier fuel additive, VSPe, helps combat the corrosive characteristics of the current E5, the proposed E10 and also provides additional benefits; it is an effective lead replacement, protecting against valve seat recession on unhardened seats, and an octane booster, adding up to 2 octane numbers (20 points) to unleaded fuel. It also helps to combat detonation, carburettor icing and, because it contains an anti-oxidant, fuel deterioration.


For the ultimate protection during long-term storage, Millers Oils developed Tank Safe. Designed to be added to the fuel tank contents prior to ‘laying up’ a vehicle, the additive combats fuel deterioration, as explained by Mann. “By running the vehicle for a few minutes with Tank Safe added prior to storage, maximum corrosion protection is ensured throughout the fuel system, whether carburettors or injection,” he said.

“We have been developing products for vehicles of all ages for many years, to help their owners keep them on the road for longer,” Mann continued. “The likelihood of increasing levels of ethanol in fuel is causing concern throughout the classic vehicle movement and will make the use of appropriate additives increasingly important in the future.”

About Millers Oils
Millers Oils was founded in 1887 by John Watson Miller, and since then has displayed its talent for innovation and industry firsts through its status as a leading UK independent blender of oils and lubricants. Its expertise extends across a range of sectors and applications, from motorsport to off-highway, commercial to industrial. Renowned for its innovation, it devotes an equivalent

R &D effort to its broad range of industrial lubricants as it does in areas such as its NANODRIVE reduced friction technology motorsport range.  Its products are used by a wide range of companies including many household names.


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