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Embroidery Technology Show demonstrates new applications and evolving techniques at ZSK open house event

September 11, 2018



Specialist’s latest Open House Event demonstrates why TFP, technical embroidery and smart textiles are growing in popularity for wide range of industries


Specialist embroidery machine manufacturer, ZSK will open its doors for its bi-annual showcase of the company’s latest technologies and techniques on September 21-22, 2018. Held Zsk's Krefeld, Germany headquarters, the Embroidery Technology Show assembles over 25 cross-industry exhibitors from around the world to discuss emerging trends in the embroidery manufacturing industry and demonstrate a range of latest products produced using techniques such as Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP) or smart textiles.


“ZSK is proud of its roots as a traditional embroidery machine manufacturer and its reputation as a pioneering innovator within this industry; our Open House provides specialists, media and residents in the area with the opportunity to better understand the potential applications of embroidery techniques,” explains Julius Sobizack, ZSK Managing Director. “For example, our machines have recently manufactured TFP components for Elemental Motor Company, enabling the use of carbon composites where previously not possible. The technique is growing in popularity within the automotive, construction and marine industries as a cost-effective alternative to traditional carbon-fibre construction; the potential applications continue to surprise even us.”


TFP is laid using an embroidery machine and uses a thermoplastic resin, which helps overcome carbon-fibre’s traditionally brittle nature. Its method of construction allows designers to optimise fibre orientation for maximum strength, while reducing waste at the preform stage to virtually nil, as parts are no longer cut from a much larger sheet.


“TFP is synonymous with the diversity demonstrated by exhibitors at the Embroidery Technology Show; ZSK machines are utilised across industries and used to manufacture an increasingly wide range of components to increase strength or reduce weight,” continues Sobizack. “The demand for technical embroidery and smart textiles – through integration of conductive thread – is also increasing and being adopted by automotive manufacturing, in particular, at an accelerated rate.”


Visitors to the Embroidery Technology Show will be able to explore the diversity of modern embroidery application and better understand the evolving technologies and techniques currently being utilised by such a broad range of industries. Demonstrable applications of technology suitable for automotive, construction, aerospace and clothing industries will be available. Over 1000 attendees from 45 countries attended in 2016, and the open doors are welcoming increased footfall each time the event is held.


For further information, to confirm your attendance or to arrange an interview with a senior ZSK specialist please visit


About ZSK
Established in 1984 ZSK has acquired the market leadership in textile engineering, producing embroidery and textile machines which major on innovation and quality in both technology and customer service. ZSK is a pioneer in developing Tailored Fibre Placement, a technique to utilise the benefits of carbon composites without the associated limitations of traditional composites manufacturing methods.


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