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Millers Oils showcases fluid management service for plastics manufacturing industry at PDM

June 14, 2018



Through industry-leading fluid management, Millers-Xtra optimises productivity and reduces downtime and maintenance costs


Brighouse, UK, 13th June, 2018... Specialist British oil, lubricants and treatments manufacturer, Millers Oils, is showcasing its innovative fluid management service for the plastics industry at the Plastics Design & Moulding event 2018 at Telford International Centre on June 19th and 20th, (Stand D009). Already proven within the industry and trusted by OEMs, the bespoke service maximises production capability by minimising machinery downtime, reducing the risk of breakdown and lowering maintenance costs. Millers-Xtra is a dedicated service, offering complete fluid delivery and management that includes an initial oil fill followed by sampling, filtration, clean-outs and service fills, helping to increase the life of hydraulic oil, significantly reducing costs.


“Through our extensive experience in the plastics manufacturing industry, we know that effective fluid management offers businesses a significantly improved return on investment and competitive advantage,” says Paul Arkley, Millers Oils Business Manager for the Industrial sector. “By monitoring the hydraulic oils used in highly sensitive injection moulding machinery we are able to extend oil change intervals and provide proactive warning of potential component failure or accelerated wear, often avoiding expensive repair bills and even more costly production downtime.”


As part of the Millers-Xtra service, oil samples are analysed to monitor a machine’s health and develop a bespoke servicing schedule. The analysis focuses on four key factors: viscosity, which is crucial for optimal lubrication but which can be jeopardised by contamination; additive levels, such as anti-wear and anti-corrosion to ensure they are at sufficient levels to provide effective protection; contamination from foreign agents such as water, dust, debris or other oils; and wear metals.

“Analysis of wear metals can provide valuable insight into not only the condition of the oil, but the machine’s components,” explains Arkley. “Presence of high levels of certain metals can provide a timely indicator of imminent failure and allow for maintenance to be strategically scheduled or production lead-times altered.”


Millers-Xtra is ideal for a range of plastics manufacturing processes including injection, blow and compression moulding machines. Arriving on site, highly-skilled Millers-Xtra technicians are fully prepared with a range of leading-edge software and equipment, which allow easy and swift access to even the most confined industrial conditions. The company’s filtration rig, for example, is regularly calibrated for optimal accuracy and is fully portable despite offering a 40L per minute pump rate – the integrated particle counter enables results to be instantly emailed directly to the customer, even when the rig is still in operation.


For clean-outs and service fills, Millers-Xtra utilises a range of the company’s own specialist non-solvent cleaners, including Milliclean 1000T, which has been proven across a range of industrial applications. Milliclean 1000T is added before an oil change and cleans hydraulic pipework, couplings, hoses, tanks and pumps of lacquer, varnish and sludge while the machine is still in operation, greatly reducing necessary downtime.

For more information and a walk-through of the company’s specialties, Millers-Xtra experts will be at the Plastics Design & Moulding event 2018 at Telford International Centre on June 19th and 20th, stand D009.


Anthony Hornsby
+44 (0)1295 277050 (office)


Richard Doherty
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About Millers
Millers Oils was founded in 1887 by John Watson Miller, and since then has displayed its talent for innovation and industry firsts through its status as a leading UK independent blender of oils and lubricants. Its expertise extends across a range of sectors and applications, from motorsport to off-highway, commercial to industrial. Renowned for its innovation, it devotes an equivalent
R &D effort to its broad range of industrial lubricants as it does in areas such as its NANODRIVE reduced friction technology motorsport range.  Its products are used by a wide range of companies including many household names.


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