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Volkswagen UK sees immediate sales growth approaching 200 cars on day one after introducing real-time stock management system STOCKBOOK

April 13, 2018




Volkswagen UK installs SalesMaster’s, automotive platform STOCKBOOK to increase visibility and manage stock in real-time


Bletchley, April 13, 2018… Volkswagen UK saw an increase of nearly 200 cars sold on the first day of adopting SalesMaster’s real-time stock management tool, STOCKBOOK. The vehicle manufacturer recently implemented a bespoke version of the cloud-based application, giving its sales teams up-to-the-minute information on available vehicles, while also helping dealer leadership to manage the capital tied-up in vehicle stocks.


“It is excellent to see the instant impact STOCKBOOK has had on our sales,” says Emma Williamson, Operations Controller, Volkswagen Group UK. “Having all of our available stock on one, easy-to-navigate platform has helped with efficiency and allowed us to offer customers available alternative vehicles, rather than wait for factory orders.”


STOCKBOOK can automatically combine and process group-wide vehicle data across all associated dealerships, allowing sales teams to locate available stock in real-time via its easy-to-use smart search feature that incorporates over 245 searchable vehicle attributes.


“Producing the results we achieved for Volkswagen Group UK would have been impossible using the outdated spreadsheet stock system many dealer groups still use today,” explains SalesMaster managing director, Chris Stott. “Sales teams can only sell what they’re aware of and often customers think they’re limited to showroom or factory orders. STOCKBOOK provides sales teams with instant access to current group-wide stock data, increasing total stock visibility and improving customer service.”


“Effective selling is about finding the right vehicle for the customer as quickly as possible, then closing the sale. Real-time data with total visibility of all stock gives a proven competitive advantage to the sales teams using this system,” says Stott. “Our research shows that most buyers will compromise on specification instead of waiting for a factory order. They can also be upsold to a higher specification model if it is already in-stock. The key, as Volkswagen UK demonstrated from day one, is putting accurate, comprehensive, real-time stock information in the hands of every sales person.”


SalesMaster’s technology put close to 200 more customers behind the wheel of a Volkswagen in just a single day. And the platform also allows promotions and stock movement to be tailored swiftly and easily for supply to meet day to day and campaign demands. The system can also collect and collate data, enabling senior management teams to understand sales performance; analyses purchasing trends and efficiently manage capital tied-up in stock.

About SalesMaster

SalesMaster is an automotive industry software specialist that is using data and technology to evolve the way vehicles are transacted. The company works with vehicle manufacturers and dealer groups, providing the software to host, amalgamate and display live data across multiple locations and devices – enabling end-to-end lead management, precise stock tracking, real-time access to nationwide new stock vehicles and greater visibility and understanding of supply chain processes within dealer groups and across the automotive industry. SalesMaster provides a more dynamic automotive retail experience for car buyers and enables a streamlined management process for dealerships that can also promote up-selling.


The SalesMaster range of FLEETBASE, STOCKBOOK and DEMO DIARY products are powered by the company’s proprietary technology, which has been designed to optimise the benefits that can be brought by precise data management and analysis through visibility of business operations.

SalesMaster products have recently earned industry recognition from the International Auto Finance Network (IAFN) Awards. Its FLEETBASE platform won the Back Office Innovation category, which recognises the processes that support client-facing activity within the automotive leasing and lending industries.




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