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Performance and durability of re-refined oils to be demonstrated by Aston Martin at gruelling 24H COTA USA

November 10, 2017

NEXCEL active oil management-equipped Aston Martin Vantage GT8 to attack endurance race weekend using re-refined engine oil


A demonstration of the performance and durability of re-refined oil will take place this week at the Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) round of the 24H Series. Aston Martin will run the lightest and most powerful V8 Vantage ever, the Aston Martin Vantage GT8 using re-refined engine oil in the vehicle’s advanced active oil management system, developed by auto innovation business, NEXCEL. The NEXCEL system also allows the completion of mess-free 90-second oil changes, which will be demonstrated in the pits up to race day on November 12th.


A bespoke lubricant using re-refined base oil has been formulated for the Aston Martin race car. The unique formulation is designed to withstand the extremely demanding conditions expected throughout the Hankook 24H COTA USA race weekend.


“As a technical partner to Aston Martin we are delighted to be part of an extraordinary event, which not only demonstrates the potential of our active oil management system, but demonstrates the performance and durability of re-refined oil,” explains NEXCEL sustainability director, John Ward-Zinski. “The Aston Martin Vantage GT8 has performed stunningly with no perceptible impact on engine performance or durability, even when driven flat-out for sustained periods. The 24H event is the ultimate demonstration of the endurance capability of the oil and of the system’s ability to manage challenges such as oil aeration, which can be extreme in these conditions.”


NEXCEL’s active oil management system is a self-contained, sealed cell containing oil and filter, which can be installed via a dock and managed using a dedicated electronic control unit that governs oil level and engine requirements by communicating with the vehicle via the standard databus. The technical partnership between the company and Aston Martin is to demonstrate suitability for series production and is working towards more wide-ranging utilisation in the future.


By simplifying responsible collection of used oil drained from vehicles, The NEXCEL system has the potential to facilitate substantially greater recovery and refining as well as greatly reducing the challenges of responsible disposal faced by many garages and motorists around the world. . Because the used oil is returned in the exchanged NEXCEL cell, rather than from a general storage tank, it is ‘in grade’ and without adulteration. This substantially simplifies the re-refining process, allowing the oil to be cost-effectively returned to its original grade, quality and performance.



Ricard Gotch:
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NEXCEL Background Information

NEXCEL is a self-contained, sealed cell that contains the correct grade of oil and specification of filter. Designed for flexible installation anywhere in the engine bay via a docking station, it is managed by a dedicated electronic control unit that communicates with the vehicle via the standard databus. An electric pump controls the flow of oil between the engine sump and the remote cell and an oil analysis capability can be integrated. By reducing the volume of oil in the engine, the NEXCEL system has been developed to allow faster warm-up, which can increase the rate of warm-up of the engine (and the cabin) and reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions during increasingly short, typical real-world journeys.


Containing the oil within a sealed cell also makes recycling of old oil a much more practical option because it eliminates contamination by other fluids during the drain and recovery operation. NEXCEL units can remain sealed up to the point of re-refining, allowing the oil to be returned to its original specification. Changing the cell takes just 90 seconds. For garages, the benefits also include the elimination of spills and greatly simplified oil recovery. NEXCEL’s closed ecosystem could help to eliminate some of the one third of drained engine oil (worldwide) that currently disappears into the environment.

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