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World class logistics operation gives XPart the edge in green and efficient warehousing practices   Print  
XPart?s parent company, Caterpillar Inc, has been named among the world?s most efficient and sustainable companies for the ninth year in a row Friday, 9th October 2009

Caterpillar Inc, parent company of Caterpillar Logistics and XPart, has been named among the world’s most efficient and sustainable companies for the ninth year in a row

Parts distribution specialist XPart is cutting picking times, reducing emissions and upholding an enviable health and safety record as its parent company, Caterpillar Inc, is named among the world’s most efficient and sustainable companies for the ninth consecutive year. The manufacturing and logistics giant has been recognised in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) and retained Gold Class position in the Industrial Engineering Sector. Launched in 1999, the annual DJSI process involves a rigorous appraisal of a company’s approach to areas such as risk management, environmental policy, supplier management and occupational health and safety. In line with Caterpillar’s drive for sustainability, XPart is actively streamlining its global parts distribution operation with ongoing efficiency improvement at its Caterpillar Logistics warehouse in Desford, Leicestershire. 

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Mecel Betula, a Cost-Effective Mobile Bluetooth Development Product is now available for PC-evaluation   Print  
Thursday, 8th October 2009

Göteborg, Sweden – Mecel Betula is a comprehensive software product that enables the addition of Bluetooth functionality to vehicles. Mecel Betula provides an easy way for manufacturers to adapt to the ever-changing market of consumer devices. Since April, 2009, Mecel Betula has been available in a PC-version at no cost. The PC-version comes as a simulated head unit with an attractive HMI and allows key features to be tested. In addition, the Mecel Betula Interoperability program helps vehicle manufacturers ensure that more cell phones are compatible with their vehicles.

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Mecel Announces Launch of Mecel Picea, an Efficient Automotive Software Suite that Supports AUTOSAR 3.1   Print  
Thursday, 8th October 2009

Göteborg, Sweden – Mecel AB, a subsidiary of Delphi Corporation, announces the launch of its Picea Software Suite supporting AUTOSAR 3.1.  Mecel Picea contains both tools and embedded software and covers the AUTOSAR 3.1 standard. The Mecel Picea Suite comes with full implementation of CAN, LIN and Flexray. The tool chain provides an efficient and seamless configuration framework for creating AUTOSAR-compliant software. Mecel Picea will help to strengthen automotive suppliers’ competitiveness with enhanced quality, shorter time-to-market and reduced cost.

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Mecel Introduces Mecel Populus 3.0, an Effortless and Cost-Effective Way to Design Human Machine Interfaces for Vehicles   Print  
Thursday, 8th October 2009

Göteborg, Sweden – Mecel AB, a subsidiary of Delphi Corporation, releases its Populus Suite in version 3.0. Mecel Populus is a complete software solution that gives vehicle manufacturers more flexibility, shortens time-to-market and drastically reduces the cost of designing Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for vehicles.

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Silencer breathes new life into speedway   Print  
The Prodrive 115 Silencer meets new noise regulations without any loss of power Thursday, 8th October 2009

British motorsport specialist, Prodrive has developed a new exhaust silencer, which should help keep speedway racing alive.

In recent years, noise complaints have increasingly led to the closure of speedway tracks.  As a result, the sports governing body, the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation), has introduced a noise limit of 115 db from 1 January 2010.

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Wednesday, 7th October 2009

Product Portfolio Focused on Innovation for Customer Challenges

Commitment to Technology and Strong Portfolio Among Top Priorities

Troy, Mich., — Delphi Holdings LLP announced today it had completed the acquisition of substantially all of Delphi Corporation's global core businesses as part of the consummation of the Delphi Corporation Modified Plan of Reorganization.

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Mechanical hybrid paper to challenge conventional thinking at SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress (Oct 6th)   Print  
Torotrak?s full-toroidal traction drive is the vital link between the flywheel energy store and the base powertrain Wednesday, 7th October 2009

New approach based on F1 technology claims lower cost solution than electric hybrid powertrains, with smaller package and simplified integration

As manufacturers strive to reduce CO2 emissions from buses and urban commercial vehicles, numerous trials have been carried out using electric hybrid powertrains with regenerative braking. Such systems have a significant cost penalty; in some cases doubling the cost of the base vehicle. At the SAE Commercial Vehicle Congress on October 6-7, full-toroidal traction drive specialist, Torotrak, will present a paper advocating a more cost effective approach using flywheel hybrid technology based on the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) developed for F1 racing. As well as saving cost, the system is claimed to offer more than 30 percent fuel saving over the London bus test cycle and to package around the existing transmission.


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Philippe Desnos, newly appointed Global Delphi Service Centre Director, Delphi Product & Service Solutions. Tuesday, 6th October 2009

In line with the expansion of its Delphi Service Centre strategy, Delphi Product Delphi Product & Service Solutions names a Global Delphi Service Centre Director

Warwick, UK — Delphi Corp. announces the appointment, effective immediately, of Philippe Desnos as Global Delphi Service Centre Director, Delphi Product & Service Solutions (DPSS).  Desnos will be developing and implementing the aftermarket expansion strategy on the Delphi Service Centre worldwide.

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Tuesday, 6th October 2009

Test Equipment Enhances Workshop Productivity
Extended Range Helps Nework To Embrace New Service Opportunities
Web-Based Advances To Information Technology

Warwick, UK — Workshops need increasingly sophisticated equipment and technical support to be able to offer a professional and profitable service to their customers. In recognition of this, Delphi is demonstrating at Equip’Auto 2009, a new range of high tech diesel test equipment and software that will enable its service dealer network to maximise performance in three key areas:

- Workshop productivity
- Service opportunities
- Information technology

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Allison Transmission displays innovative transmission systems for airport ground vehicles at inter airport Europe   Print  
The Panther of Dresden?s airport fire brigade:1000 PS, maximum speed 140 km/h, 100 metres throwing throwing range ? full power for powertrain and extinguishing equipment with the Allison transmission M6610. Monday, 5th October 2009

Allison Transmission will present its complete range of fully automatic transmissions for airport ground vehicles at the inter airport Europe show in Munich

Mainz, Germany - Allison Transmission, the leading global provider of commercial duty automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems, is displaying its innovative transmission technology for airport ground vehicles at October’s inter airport Europe in Munich. International airport operators are increasingly looking to Allison for reliable transmission solutions in their ongoing drive to improve safety and comfort for staff and passengers, increase operational efficiency and ensure the smooth running of air traffic. Allison caters for a wide range of airport ground vehicles, including fuel tankers, airport buses, fire-fighting vehicles, aircraft tractors, toilet service units, de-icer and winter service vehicles.

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