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MG Rover write-off avoidance scheme helps bodyshops increase parts sales and expand customer base   Print  
XPart?s ?Close Call? offers bodyshops and parts wholesalers an opportunity to generate an extra revenue stream by saving MG Rover cars from being written off the road Thursday, 15th October 2009

XPart’s ‘Close Call’ offers bodyshops and parts wholesalers an opportunity to generate an extra revenue stream by saving MG Rover cars from being declared a write-off

Bodyshops and parts wholesalers looking to increase parts sales and offer added value to new and existing customers are helping to prevent MG Rover cars from being declared a total loss by using XPart’s MG Rover write-off avoidance programme, Close Call. The scheme allows garages to offer insurance assessors a compelling alternative to writing an MG Rover car off the road by providing a competitive quote on the parts required to repair it. Since the launch of Close Call in 2006, it has saved nearly 80 percent of MG Rover vehicles submitted for consideration in the UK from being written off the road. Bodyshop Taggarts of Motherwell and XPart parts wholesaler Allen Ford of Coventry are both successful users of the scheme.

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Allison transmissions prove their worth in an emergency   Print  
Fire engines equipped with Allison transmissions demonstrated exceptional performance during a recent field exercise held by the Russian government Wednesday, 14th October 2009

Fire engines equipped with Allison transmissions showed exceptional performance during an emergency vehicle field exercise organised by the Russian government

Fire engines equipped with Allison transmissions demonstrated exceptional performance during a recent field exercise held by the Russian government to showcase the latest advances in Russian emergency vehicle technology. The event, known as ‘Actions during Elimination of the Consequences of Terrorist Acts, Natural and Technological Disasters’ was held in Noginsk, Russia, at the Rescue Ground of The Ministry of Emergency. The field exercise took place within the international exhibition Integrated Safety and Security 2009 with the participation of the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and the Ministry of Emergency (EMERCOM) units.

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Zytek to supply electric powertrains for Navistar / Modec JV   Print  
Zytek?s E-Drive is highly integrated, making it ideal for the development of electric vehicles on new and existing platforms Wednesday, 14th October 2009

A British specialist in electric vehicle drivetrains will provide advanced technology for a prestigious US Government-backed electric commercial vehicle programme

A range of electric delivery vehicles being developed for the North, Central and South American markets will use a highly integrated 70kW powertrain from UK specialist Zytek. Developed with the support of a $39 million (£23 million) US Government grant, the vehicles will be manufactured by a new joint venture company being established by US truck supplier Navistar and British electric commercial vehicle specialist Modec.

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Automated Manual Transmissions resolve cost/benefit challenges for developing markets   Print  
The practicality of replacing a conventional manual transmission with an AMT has been demonstrated by Prodrive?s ability to physically convert existing manual transmissions in some cases Wednesday, 14th October 2009

Motorsport-derived gearbox technology delivers fuel economy and durability benefits to truck, bus and scooter manufacturers

A gearbox technology originally developed for the world’s most successful rally cars is being applied to a surprising range of vehicles, from scooters to buses, to meet the demanding challenges of developing markets. Variable levels of driver skill mean that vehicle purchasers are attracted to the convenience and ease of operation offered by automatic transmissions but the associated fuel consumption penalty and increase in vehicle cost is not acceptable in developing markets dominated by small, economical vehicles. Technology consultancy, Prodrive, has demonstrated a range of automated manual transmission (AMT) solutions that can be scaled to suit a variety of applications, are thoroughly proven and require very little capital investment beyond existing manual gearbox production lines.

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Potential breakthrough in hybrid system costs could lead to high volume applications   Print  
Arrangement of the key elements of the UCEHP showing the VR pulley on the crankshaft end, the B-ISG on the cylinder block and the traction motor integrated with the transmission Tuesday, 13th October 2009

New modular approach offers highly effective hybrid solution for mainstream applications with low investment, low risk and minimal impact on existing vehicle hardware. 

Widespread adoption of hybrid technology has been held back until now by the high investment and piece costs involved, coupled with uncertainty over future demand. To help address these challenges and make hybrid systems commercially viable for high volume application, a consortium led by powertrain engineering consultancy Integral Powertrain is developing a modular hybrid system that offers a technology ladder from micro hybrid to full plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) while minimising investment in either new hardware or new vehicle architecture. Integral Powertrain’s partners in the project include Jaguar Land Rover, electronics specialist Smart Power Solutions and transmission specialist Drive System Design. Funding has been provided as part of the Technology Strategy Board’s Integrated Delivery Programme by both the Department for Transport and the Technology Strategy Board.  Work on the Ultra Cost-Efficient Hybrid Powertrain (UCEHP) project began in July 09, based around a conventional transverse engine and gearbox layout.

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Tuesday, 13th October 2009

Over 500 Delphi Service Centres Appointed Since Introduction

Warwick, UK — Delphi Service Centres have been established in 15 countries around the world, including key markets in Western and Eastern Europe such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. With over 500 service centre appointments since its introduction, and more in the pipeline, the programme continues to gain momentum and expand its support elements.

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Monday, 12th October 2009

Delphi’s flexible diagnostic solutions help meet the needs of Ministry of Transportation (MOT) and National Car Tests (NCT) throughout Europe

Warwick, UK — At Equip’Auto 2009 Delphi is showcasing a number of its customised versions of its standard Delphi diagnostic platform, including dedicated diagnostic solutions for Ministry of Transport (MOT) & National Car Tests (NCT) across Europe, including the UK (VOSA), Belgium (GOCA) and Denmark. In all of these cases, Delphi has adapted its diagnostic platforms to satisfy the precise legal requirements of mandatory car tests in each country while still using its standard hardware and communication platforms.

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World class logistics operation gives XPart the edge in green and efficient warehousing practices   Print  
XPart?s parent company, Caterpillar Inc, has been named among the world?s most efficient and sustainable companies for the ninth year in a row Friday, 9th October 2009

Caterpillar Inc, parent company of Caterpillar Logistics and XPart, has been named among the world’s most efficient and sustainable companies for the ninth year in a row

Parts distribution specialist XPart is cutting picking times, reducing emissions and upholding an enviable health and safety record as its parent company, Caterpillar Inc, is named among the world’s most efficient and sustainable companies for the ninth consecutive year. The manufacturing and logistics giant has been recognised in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) and retained Gold Class position in the Industrial Engineering Sector. Launched in 1999, the annual DJSI process involves a rigorous appraisal of a company’s approach to areas such as risk management, environmental policy, supplier management and occupational health and safety. In line with Caterpillar’s drive for sustainability, XPart is actively streamlining its global parts distribution operation with ongoing efficiency improvement at its Caterpillar Logistics warehouse in Desford, Leicestershire. 

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Mecel Betula, a Cost-Effective Mobile Bluetooth Development Product is now available for PC-evaluation   Print  
Thursday, 8th October 2009

Göteborg, Sweden – Mecel Betula is a comprehensive software product that enables the addition of Bluetooth functionality to vehicles. Mecel Betula provides an easy way for manufacturers to adapt to the ever-changing market of consumer devices. Since April, 2009, Mecel Betula has been available in a PC-version at no cost. The PC-version comes as a simulated head unit with an attractive HMI and allows key features to be tested. In addition, the Mecel Betula Interoperability program helps vehicle manufacturers ensure that more cell phones are compatible with their vehicles.

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Mecel Announces Launch of Mecel Picea, an Efficient Automotive Software Suite that Supports AUTOSAR 3.1   Print  
Thursday, 8th October 2009

Göteborg, Sweden – Mecel AB, a subsidiary of Delphi Corporation, announces the launch of its Picea Software Suite supporting AUTOSAR 3.1.  Mecel Picea contains both tools and embedded software and covers the AUTOSAR 3.1 standard. The Mecel Picea Suite comes with full implementation of CAN, LIN and Flexray. The tool chain provides an efficient and seamless configuration framework for creating AUTOSAR-compliant software. Mecel Picea will help to strengthen automotive suppliers’ competitiveness with enhanced quality, shorter time-to-market and reduced cost.

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