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Emergency logistics provider saves automotive manufacturers 30 million euros by making urgent deliveries despite the snow   Print  
Evolution Time Critical is helping automotive manufacturers to avoid highly expensive production delays by facilitating urgent deliveries of critical components despite the treacherous snowy conditions Wednesday, 13th January 2010

Evolution Time Critical is continuing to facilitate the delivery of critical components to automotive manufacturers where traditional means of transport are failing amid the current severe weather, preventing expensive line stoppages

Emergency logistics is helping automotive manufacturers to avoid highly expensive delays to production by facilitating the delivery of critical components where standard deliveries are failing due to the treacherous snowy conditions. Evolution Time Critical is reporting an upsurge in demand for its services since the cold snap began, saving customers an estimated 30 million euros by preventing line stoppages. The company has made multiple urgent deliveries across Europe as manufacturers strive to keep production lines running amid serious traffic difficulties caused by the heaviest snow experienced in some parts of the continent in nearly 50 years. In some cases Evolution has despatched helicopters or arranged air charters to ensure on-time delivery at the manufacturers’ premises, reacting swiftly to incoming requests in order to ensure deadlines are met.

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Tech 9 Motorsport announces its entry of a multi-car team in the 2010 Trofeo Abarth 500 series   Print  
Tech 9 Motorsport is entering a multi-car team in the 2010 Trofeo Abarth 500 series Wednesday, 13th January 2010

Attending the Autosport Show on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th (stand number 19350 – Hall 19), team principal Phil Hindley will be available to discuss driving opportunities within Tech 9 Motorsport’s multi-championship winning team.

“I am pleased to confirm our first dealer team as Platts Abarth, based in Stoke-on-Trent. We tested their car at Silverstone for the media day in October, and had great success. The car ran well, was very well received by the drivers, and I am looking forward to working with such a successful multi-franchise dealer,” comments Hindley. “Being part of the Abarth 500 series brings a great buzz of excitement as competitors look forward to what will become such an exciting championship in the future.”

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Zircotec presents its flexible coating and a new colour finish at the Autosport Engineering Show   Print  
Zircotec?s new lightweight flexible ceramic heat shield material offers a robust thermal protection solution to race car engineers Tuesday, 12th January 2010

ZircoFlex, the new flexible ceramic coating from Zircotec, will be on display at the Autosport Engineering Show, stand E753, with the company also introducing its latest colour finish

Motorsport professionals attending this year’s Autosport Engineering Show at the Birmingham NEC will be able to view Zircotec’s new flexible ceramic coating, ZircoFlex™, at their show stand E753, and hear about its strong potential for use in motorsport applications. The company’s new lightweight heat shield, ZircoFlex, is thought to be the first of its kind and has been proven to reduce surface temperatures by up to 64 percent.

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Successful research programme allows high performance brake discs to be manufactured at lower cost from recycled carbon composite material   Print  
Prototype testing of the recycled carbon brakes involves extreme temperatures, shown by this white hot disc during dynamometer simulation of a high speed train emergency stop Tuesday, 5th January 2010

A specialist consortium, supported by government investment, is developing braking systems that solve a range of challenges across multiple industries. Federal-Mogul’s friction expertise will play a key role in delivering a durable and effective product, opening significant new opportunities for the company.

Carbon composite brake discs provide substantial improvements in both performance and weight compared with traditional iron discs, but the cost of such systems has so far made them largely unaffordable in the majority of applications (including commercial vehicles, trains, industrial equipment and all but the most exotic cars) where their performance characteristics could bring substantial benefits. A UK-based consortium of specialist companies is addressing this challenge by developing new techniques that will allow carbon discs to be made from manufacturing scrap, providing a lower cost, more environmentally friendly solution to very high braking performance.

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Prodrive brings new technologies to Indian market   Print  
Monday, 4th January 2010

British motorsport and technology specialist, Prodrive, has established a partnership with Opti Engineering to help bring its engineering skills and technologies to vehicle manufacturers based in India.

Prodrive, which already has operations in the UK, China and Australia, has recognised that Indian vehicle manufacturers want to own the IP (Intellectual Property) that underpins the key technologies in their vehicle systems and to understand those systems to allow in-house development. “Three key elements have made our client relationships so successful in India,” says Tony Butcher, Prodrive managing director. “Our understanding of the priorities of the Indian customer, our impartiality towards different hardware providers and our willingness to share technical expertise in key systems. With the establishment of our partnership with Opti Engineering, there will now be a fourth factor; local support.”

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Allison Transmission, Inc. and Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC enter into a long-term agreement critical to new commercial truck hybrid drive system production   Print  
Lawrence E. Dewey, Allison Transmission, Inc., Chairman and CEO said, Thursday, 17th December 2009

Strategic supply agreement follows the award to Allison Transmission of $62.8 million by the Department of Energy grant for commercial truck hybrid drive systems in August 2008.

INDIANAPOLIS:-  Allison Transmission has announced that it has entered into a long-term business agreement with Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC that will see Delphi supply Allison Transmission with key hybrid drive system components and energy storage systems. Delphi's expertise in the manufacture and integration of electronic and hybrid system components for the automotive industry will complement existing Allison Transmission product offerings in both the city transit bus and truck markets.

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Chemical process offers cleaner, lighter and safer bodyshells   Print  
Stage One for mild steel components and a shell involves removing heavy organic coatings such as sealants and NVH material. Images show shells prior to preparation. Ferrari 250SWB Thursday, 17th December 2009

Unique chemical process removes all unnecessary weight, resulting in a cleaner bodyshell that is easier and safer to prepare for racing and rallying.

A unique chemical immersion process that easily removes all paint, grease, oil, underseal, adhesives and sound deadening material offers motorsport preparation companies a simpler and safer method for stripping and cleaning bodyshells. By removing up to 35kg of unnecessary weight from a typical four door shell, the process developed by Surface Processing (SPL), also offers preparation companies a legal weight reduction service without affecting the existing vehicle strength. SPL’s process also claims to improve the working environment for engineers; by removing paint, adhesive and underseal, any further preparation work such as welding is done on clean metal, avoiding the release of noxious fumes and lowering the fire risk.

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XPart offers winter discounts on MG Rover crash repair items   Print  
XPart is offering bodyshops reductions of up to 40 percent on MG TF and Rover 75/ZT panels and bumpers until 31st January 2010 Monday, 14th December 2009

MG Rover parts specialist XPart is offering bodyshops reductions of up to 40 percent on MG TF and Rover 75/ZT panels and bumpers until 31st January 2010

XPart is offering bodyshops significant reductions on MG TF and Rover 75/ZT panels and bumpers this winter, with price cuts of up to 40 percent on some items. This latest crash repair offer is being run by XPart’s Close Call programme, which aims to keep more MG Rover cars on the road by ensuring that the cost of repairing an MG or Rover involved in a major collision is less than the residual value of the vehicle. The discounts cover bonnets, front and rear bumpers, front wings and front doors, as well as headlights, and will run throughout December 2009 and January 2010.

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BERU f1systems develops lower cost solution for ultra lightweight harsh environment wiring looms   Print  
Wiring specialist develops low cost solution to introduce lighter and smaller 30 AWG wiring. (30 AWG is on the right). Monday, 14th December 2009

Wiring specialist develops twelve percent lighter 30 AWG wiring harness option that doesn’t require costly crimping tools and special terminals

Motorsport wiring specialist BERU f1systems has developed a cost effective solution to allow 30 AWG lightweight wiring systems to be used in harsh environments.  Developed in conjunction with Souriau, the new process doesn’t require special terminals or costly crimp tools, resulting in a wiring loom that is twelve percent lighter without the expensive component and tooling of competitor offerings.

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Saturday afternoon call keeps Mexican production lines running   Print  
Evolution Time Critical has helped to prevent a serious delay to production by delivering a 600kg shipment from China to Mexico with one courier over a weekend Monday, 14th December 2009

Evolution Time Critical prevents a £500,000 production delay by shipping 600kg of desperately needed automotive components from China to Mexico over a weekend, using just one courier and overcoming many challenges that stopped conventional logistics operations from succeeding.

Following an urgent Saturday afternoon call to its global control centre, Evolution Time Critical facilitated a weekend shipment of 600kg of desperately needed automotive components from a supplier in China to a vehicle manufacturer in Mexico, preventing production delays that would have cost around £500,000. Evolution’s analysts arranged for the transportation of the goods using a single courier despite a total weight of 600kg, provided a German speaker to coordinate with airline staff at all stages of the journey and worked closely with its customer’s supplier to provide accurate customs documentation to officers at Shanghai Airport.

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