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Allison continues to expand global network of trusted distributor and dealer partners   Print  
Transdiesel Australia Pty Limited, based in Victoria, Australia, is geared up to serve Allison customers and enhance direct coverage for the off-highway and the growing on-highway truck markets in addition to supporting Allison?s hybrid programme in the a Tuesday, 16th February 2010

Distributors and direct dealers join the extensive Allison network, growing Allison’s support for valued customers around the world

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, U.S.A. – Allison Transmission, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of commercial duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems, added a total of 11 new distributors and direct dealers to its global channel network of trusted partners in the past year.  Additionally, Allison’s distributor partners further expanded their capability through additional approved service dealers to increase their customer support reach within their given territories.  “OEMs and truck owners and operators around the world increasingly recognise the superiority of Allison’s engineering, service and product reliability.  Our 2009 network expansion reflects the growing demand for automatic transmissions worldwide and proves Allison’s full commitment to customer service,” says Thomas D. Eifert, executive director of Allison customer support.

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Torotrak Plc ("Torotrak" or "the Company") Interim Management Statement   Print  
Dick Elsy, Chief Executive, Torotrak Plc Tuesday, 16th February 2010

Torotrak (LSE: TRK) is today providing an Interim Management Statement for the period 1 October 2009 to 15 February 2010.  This provides a brief update on trading since the half-yearly report for the six months to 30 September 2009 which was released on 24 November 2009.

Encouraging progress continues to be made across our key business segments and our target remains to break even on a profit after tax basis for the full year to 31 March 2010.

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Upgraded powertrain extends military vehicle?s operational life   Print  
Thanks to a new powertrain, including Allison?s latest fully automatic transmission, the Brazilian Army has been able to extend the life of its vehicles. Monday, 15th February 2010

he introduction of a new engine and the latest fully automatic transmission technology has seen a military vehicle produced by Engesa that was a success in the 80s and 90s back in front line action.

Considered by many to be out of action – as the last units were, for many years, parked in the battalion storage of the Brazilian Army – the armoured Engesa EE-11 Urutu may yet be ready for service again. Destined for troop transportation, the EE-11 despite weighing 13 tons, is a highly capable amphibious vehicle. Together with its carrying capacity, these features made the Urutu very popular among many national armies in South America. With a new powertrain, it is set to strike again.

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Federal-Mogul?s High Precision Electro-Erosion Machining (HPEEM) Process Manufactures Robust and Affordable Bushingless Steel Pistons   Print  
Cross-section of HPEEM process showing the electrode positioned in Monosteel pinhole, the electrolyte flow path and profiled surface highlighted in orange. Monday, 15th February 2010

Innovative Process Delivers Reliability to Customers, Gains in Market Share

Southfield, Michigan, February 15, 2010 …Today’s vehicle manufacturers are driving the development of engine technologies that provide lower emissions, improved fuel economy and longer life – without compromising performance.  Federal-Mogul Corporation (NASDAQ: FDML) is meeting these increasingly complex challenges through new product and process innovations.  A recent example is an innovative non-contact metal shaping process to manufacture, with extreme precision, bushingless steel pistons that perform under higher cylinder pressures found in today’s cleaner, higher performance heavy-duty diesel engines.  HPEEM is Federal-Mogul’s solution to achieve an extremely high-level of manufacturing precision that enables engineers, with minimal cost and capital investment, to design components with increasingly stringent manufacturing tolerances that improve overall engine reliability and performance.

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Spring clean your car with regular servicing   Print  
The XPart AutoService centre network offers MG Rover and New MINI owners a high-quality service option at affordable rates. Monday, 15th February 2010

Motorists planning a spring service for their car following the recent cold snap can visit an XPart AutoService centre for a free vehicle health check to make sure their car is in good working order after the winter

As the country emerges from the recent bouts of harsh weather to enjoy the spring sunshine, motorists are advised to make sure their car is in good working order before setting off on long journeys. Car engines tend to suffer over the winter due to the extreme cold as they strain to reach optimum operating temperature. Additionally, grit on the roads can damage tyres and bodywork, and fluids levels can run low if not properly topped up during the winter months. With modern cars engineered to rely increasingly on Electronic Control Units (ECUs), many faults are now impossible to repair without the use of sophisticated diagnostic equipment, making regular servicing ever more important to efficient running.

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BLOODHOUND Project selects Zircotec as exclusive supplier of thermal barrier solutions   Print  
Key applications cited for coating include protection of the composite body panels surrounding the titanium afterburner nozzle petals, which are normally exposed to airflow on a Typhoon fighter. Monday, 8th February 2010

Thermal management specialist Zircotec is to develop and supply a range of protective thermal barrier solutions for use on 1,000mph land speed record project
Thermal barrier specialist Zircotec has been selected as an exclusive supplier to the BLOODHOUND Project, a land speed record attempt hoping to achieve 1000mph. Technical Product Sponsor Zircotec will work closely with the team’s engineers to protect an array of materials including steel, aluminium, titanium and composites using its plasma sprayed ceramics to shield the driver, structure and sensitive electrical systems from heat.

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Barcelona enhances environmental management thanks to Allison   Print  
Allison gearboxes have been fitted to 100 percent of the CNG trucks used to carry out environmental services in the city of Barcelona. One example is the Stralis 310 CNG with Farid-Ros Roca bodywork. Thursday, 4th February 2010

Allison fully automatic transmissions are fitted in all CNG trucks providing environmental services to the city of Barcelona

MADRID, SPAIN – The city of Barcelona has made a firm commitment to a sustainable future by launching into operation Spain’s largest ever order for CNG trucks. All of the 300 natural gas vehicles, which will work for the environmental services department carrying out duties such as refuse collection and street cleaning, are fitted with Allison fully automatic transmissions. The public sector in Spain is increasingly opting for CNG vehicles due to their lower carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions.

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Assembly of fuel injectors is carried out in clean room conditions equivalent to an operating theatre Thursday, 4th February 2010

A Gloucestershire-based high technology manufacturing plant is encouraging young people into engineering with an open day at its factory

Stonehouse, UK — Global automotive parts manufacturer Delphi opened its doors to school pupils on February 2nd 2010 to help recruit new apprentices to its Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering. The open day, held from 12pm to 8pm, saw dozens of interested school parties and parents flock to the Gloucestershire-based high technology manufacturing plant to hear more about the skills and qualifications acquired by Delphi apprentices during the four-year programme and understand the kinds of career opportunities available to engineering apprentices. Visitors were also offered a tour of the company’s state of the art manufacturing facility where they were able to view the latest developments in high precision manufacturing and learn how diesel injector technology contributes to reducing vehicle emissions.


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Aircraft operators reduce the risk of AOG with expert emergency logistics, avoiding hefty operating bills and passenger compensation fees   Print  
Airlines and aircraft operators are increasingly calling upon emergency logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical to deliver vital parts to aircraft following component failure Tuesday, 2nd February 2010

Airlines and aircraft operators are increasingly calling upon emergency logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical to deliver vital parts to aircraft following component failure

Emergency logistics techniques developed in the automotive industry are increasingly reducing the risk of serious ‘aircraft on ground’ (AOG) situations as Evolution Time Critical continues to assist major international airlines with urgent deliveries of vital parts for aircraft suffering from mechanical failure. By delivering vital parts in timescales unachievable by conventional means, emergency logistics can help to return aircraft to the sky more quickly, reducing delays to passenger and commercial flights and avoiding the hefty operating bills and compensation fees associated with grounded aircraft.

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EKATO?s innovative side agitator technology offers new biorefinery cost savings, improved efficiency and reliability   Print  
Innovative side-agitator technology and a rigorous R&D process have led to EKATO being selected by Vivergo Fuels to provide side-agitators to aid fermentation at its new biorefinery plant Tuesday, 2nd February 2010

Innovative side entry agitator technology and a rigorous R&D process have led to EKATO being selected by Vivergo Fuels to provide side-agitators to aid fermentation at its new 27-acre biorefinery plant

With plant process managers continually under pressure to identify new means of driving costs down, while improving process efficiency, every element of a plant’s equipment is scrutinised to make sure it offers maximum value for money. Investing in effective and affordable equipment is an even greater concern when planning the construction of new plants. Vivergo Fuels, a company formed in 2007 to help meet the UK’s demand for bio-fuel, recently selected EKATO Group to design and manufacture the agitators required for its fermentation process, having been impressed by EKATO’s unique and rigorous R&D process. The side entry agitators from EKATO, the world’s leading developer of mixing technology, will be used for the continuous suspension of solids and homogenisation of tank contents, and offer a highly efficient and reliable mixing solution together with considerable savings compared to traditional top entry agitator technology.

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