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Profits accelerated with reseller deal   Print  
Turbo Dynamics has recently become the first official reseller of Zircotec?s products, and is seeing a demand for coatings on turbocharger turbine housings, a component that on race applications reaches temperatures in excess of 1000?C. Tuesday, 7th October 2008

A new, added value service offers increased revenue stream potential for exhaust and turbocharger manufacturers and distributors 

Reduced margins are hitting some automotive companies hard and many are looking for an opportunity to bring in additional revenue to boost profits. A new reseller program that provides a real value added service has been designed to accelerate profits on exhausts, turbochargers and tuning components. Zircotec’s Reseller Program can increase revenues for its selected resellers by offering manufacturers and distributors an opportunity to broaden and differentiate their product range, and improve their product reliability and performance. 

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Motorists wasting fuel through poorly inflated tyres   Print  
Tyre Safety Month will run throughout October, advising motorists of the issues associated with incorrectly inflated tyres. Monday, 6th October 2008

As part of Tyre Safety Month, TyreSafe advises motorists to keep their tyres correctly inflated to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

With petrol prices reaching record levels in 2008, TyreSafe, the UKs leading tyre safety organisation, is advising motorists that they can make a significant reduction to their motoring running costs by keeping their tyres correctly inflated. According to research conducted by a major tyre manufacturer and member of TyreSafe, driving on tyres which are just ten psi under the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure can increase fuel consumption by 2.5 percent. By keeping tyres at their correct pressure, motorists can travel further on each tank of petrol and help reduce CO2 emissions.

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Next Generation heavy duty fuel system launched by Delphi at IAA CV Show   Print  
Delphi is one of the world?s largest suppliers of diesel fuel injection systems, with a comprehensive portfolio that includes common rail systems for light, medium and heavy duty applications. Thursday, 2nd October 2008

New system combines the flexibility of common rail with world-leading 3,000 bar pressure

Hannover, Germany – Delphi Corp. (PINKSHEETS: DPHIQ) is launching its first common rail system for high durability medium and heavy duty applications. Combining the flexibility of rail-based fuel management with the world-leading ultra high pressures that Delphi achieves with its proven Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) technology, the new remote pump and distributed pump common rail systems provide a highly effective and affordable path through Euro VI, post US10, post Japan PNLTR and beyond.

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Greater service options for MINI owners   Print  
MINI owners now have a wider choice of service options, as XPart?s AutoService centre network has expanded into MINI servicing. Wednesday, 1st October 2008

XPart offers specialist servicing for New MINI owners at affordable prices

New MINI owners now have a wider choice of servicing options than ever before, following the expansion of XPart’s AutoService centre network into New MINI servicing. As a result, they will be able to access high levels of customer service, diagnostics and repair for their cars at more affordable aftermarket rates.

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Motorists continue to put lives at risk by failing to keep tyres properly inflated   Print  
Tyre Safety Month takes place throughout October Monday, 29th September 2008

As October’s Tyre Safety Month begins, TyreSafe advises motorists to check their tyre pressures and stay safe on the roads

Motorists are continuing to put their own lives, as well as those of passengers and other road users at risk by ignoring the dangers of incorrect tyre inflation. The warning has been issued by TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation, as it launches October’s Tyre Safety Month. The latest statistics released by the Department for Transport show that illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres were a contributory factor in the death of 43 motorists in 2007, and played a part in a further 984 accidents. New research conducted by TyreSafe has highlighted the scale of the problem, with more than half of motorists surveyed admitting that they had not checked their tyre pressure in the last month, the maximum period recommended by TyreSafe between pressure checks.

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Advanced tool control system offers total tool traceability   Print  
ITC is already helping many leading companies strengthen and enhance their existing tool control and anti-FOD procedures, including Rolls Royce in Derby, where the system is installed at its Customer Delivery Centre. Thursday, 25th September 2008

Stand F4

Aero-Engine Expo 2008 to showcase next-generation Intelligent Tool Control Solution with proximity access and modular construction to support in-house maintenance

Zeroshift will be demonstrating the second generation of its revolutionary Intelligent Tool Control (ITC) product at this year's Aero-Engine Expo in Paris. Driven by customer feedback, the control architecture – now available in a separate slot-in module – will allow users to schedule maintenance without removing the entire tool cabinet from the production environment.

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Car repair bills to be slashed with Caparo Rightfuel   Print  
 Rightfuel from Caparo replaces a vehicle?s existing fuel filler cap to prevent misfuel incidents Thursday, 25th September 2008

Innovative fuel filler device prevents costly misfuel incidents

Drivers faced with expensive repair bills following misfuel incidents can now take preventative measures with the launch of Rightfuel, an innovative, simple, low-cost device from Caparo, that physically stops the wrong type of fuel being added to diesel cars and light commercial vehicles. According to the AA, the number of the motorists who put the wrong type of fuel in their car in the UK has doubled over the last ten years, and now affects an estimated 150,000 drivers.

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Caparo?s Rightfuel could have spared Rooney?s roadside blushes   Print  
Wayne Rooney became one of the 150,000 people who are estimated to incorrectly fill their diesel cars with wrong type of fuel each year Wednesday, 24th September 2008

Wayne Rooney could have spared himself the embarrassment of being rescued from the hard shoulder of the M62 earlier this week if his car had been fitted with Rightfuel, a misfuel prevention device from Caparo. Rightfuel, being launched tomorrow (25th September) at the Green Fleet Awards in London, prevents the wrong type of fuel being added to diesel vehicles. On Monday, the Manchester United and England star filled his wife’s £90,000 diesel Range Rover Sport V8 with unleaded petrol, causing it to stop just one mile later. Rooney now faces a repair bill of up to £6,000 which could have been avoided with this simple device.

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Allison Delivers World Class Support during Summer Olympic Games   Print  
Beijing City Bus equipped with an Allison transmission operating during 2008 Summer Olymic Games Tuesday, 23rd September 2008

Support Team and Equipment deployed to make sure nearly 12,000 Beijing City Buses operate flawlessly transporting Athletes, Press and Spectators to Competition Venues

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, U.S.A — If medals were awarded for outstanding transportation support during the 2008 Summer Olympics, Allison Transmission, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of commercial duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems, would have taken home the gold.


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Allison Expands Global Market Leadership in Parallel Hybrid Drives for Buses   Print  
Second generation Solaris bus equipped with GM-Allison hybrid system operating in Bremen, Germany. Tuesday, 23rd September 2008

Success in North America leads to Increased Sales in Europe as Transit Operators Address High Fuel Costs and Environmental Concerns

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, U.S.A. — Allison Transmission, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of commercial duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems, continues to be a dominant force in the hybrid bus market both in North America and Europe.  As of August, more than 1,100 GM-Allison two-mode parallel hybrid equipped buses have been delivered to 94 cities worldwide. They’ve driven a total of 134,071,230 kilometers, saved an estimated 16,761,237 liters of fuel and eliminated 43,842 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.  And more GM-Allison hybrid equipped buses are rolling off the assembly line daily.

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