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Oerlikon Graziano, A world leader in precision gearing   Print  
Oerlikon Graziano produces more than 800 000 synchronisers per year Tuesday, 15th November 2011

Hanover (Germany), 15th November 2011 – Oerlikon Graziano will attend AgriTechnica in Hanover, Germany, from 13th to 26th November 2011, in Hall 26 Stand M18


-Oerlikon Graziano is a world leader in the manufacture of crown wheel and pinion sets adopted by the most technically challenging and complex construction, agricultural and specialist automotive applications. The company has expertise in all production technologies required by these markets. The company uses Gleason Coniflex and Gleason Revacyle methods for its straight bevel gears, and Gleason, Oerlikon and Klingelnberg systems for spiral bevel and hypoid bevel sets. Dry cutting on Gleason Phoenix machines as well as hard turning techniques are used in the production process. Lapping and grinding are applied to finished parts when appropriate. Dimensional checks can be made with CMM technology and applied on critical ratios where low noise emissions are required. Oerlikon Graziano has produced more than half a million sets per year since 2000.

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Oerlikon Graziano displays next-generation transmission concepts at Agritechnica   Print  
Oerlikon Graziano will be displaying an oscillating axle for tractors up to 450hp Monday, 14th November 2011

Hanover (Germany), 14th November 2011 – Oerlikon Graziano is showcasing the latest advances in off-highway transmissions that will help to make future agricultural and construction equipment cleaner and more efficient at Agritechnica, Hanover 13-26 November 2011 at  Hall 26 – Stand M18. Among the innovations on display by the Italian company are a first-to-market fully suspended axle, an oscillating axle for tractors up to 450hp and the first production CVT for compact tractors. Oerlikon Graziano will also display its range of carbon synchronisers that are helping to increase the reliability and longevity of construction and agricultural equipment.

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Images Only   Print  
As the Price of R134a refrigerant continues to rise, Delphi has introduced four air conditioning (A/C) recharging stations to its service portfolio that utilize an efficent method of recovering as much refrigerant from the car as possible to help garages Thursday, 10th November 2011

Delphi Presents Latest Technology For Agricultural Vehicle Industry

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The Delphi Harsh Environment Series (HES) terminals are designed for application in all industry standard terminal cavity sizes and for performance in harsh environments which include agriculture equipment. Thursday, 10th November 2011

High performance, high-power connection systems; powertrain solutions to meet increasingly rigorous emissions standards; new integrated seat-based HVAC system; new brazed condenser; fuel analyser and new air conditioning recharging stations

HANOVER – As a supplier in the agricultural sector, Delphi Automotive offers its expertise as a high-tech partner in powertrain, thermal, electric and electronic architecture technologies and as a systems integrator. Delphi is applying its proven expertise with automobiles and commercial vehicles to develop rugged, reliable and durable products for the agricultural and construction vehicle industries.

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Help put the Vulcan?s annual service back on schedule and win an incredible behind-the-scenes day with the technical crew   Print  
The Pilots and Co-Pilot?s ejection seats must be carefully removed and sent to the original manufacturer for inspection and routine maintenance. It?s a costly procedure that can be sponsored by supporters. Thursday, 10th November 2011

Sponsor the Winter Service to have your name commemorated on the famous bomb bay doors

A funding shortfall has forced the last flying Vulcan’s Winter Service to be rescheduled. Routine maintenance work has started, but major equipment overhauls that need support from approved specialist suppliers has had to be postponed while further funds are raised. The Trust estimates that if nothing untoward is found, the service will cost just over £400,000.

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Richly illustrated Vulcan pocket diary and iconic, professional desk-diary   Print  
The new 2012 pocket diary from the Vulcan to the Sky Trust brings the last flying Vulcan to life with a remarkable series of 50 high-quality colour pictures Wednesday, 9th November 2011

Perfect gifts for discerning enthusiasts will help to keep the last Vulcan flying

Ideal for anyone with an interest in aviation, the new 2012 pocket diary from the Vulcan to the Sky Trust brings the last flying Vulcan to life with a remarkable series of 50 high-quality colour pictures.

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Zytek powers to victory in London Future Car Challenge   Print  
The winner of the 2nd RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge, the Gordon Murray T.27 powered by Zytek's innovative 25kw, air-cooled electric powertrain. Tuesday, 8th November 2011

High-efficiency powertrains developed by Zytek in the UK
power class winners and the overall winner

At this weekend’s prestigious RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge, three class wins and overall victory went to zero emissions vehicles powered by high-efficiency powertrains developed by Zytek in the UK. Ten of the 69 entrants were powered by Zytek’s family of electric engines.

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Nexteer Automotive Announces a $150 Million Investment at its Saginaw Operations   Print  
Tuesday, 1st November 2011

Long-term customer contracts retained through 2018

SAGINAW, Michigan – Specialist electric power steering supplier Nexteer Automotive, has announced investment of $150 million at its Saginaw, Michigan operations. Increasing customer demand for fuel-efficient electric power steering (EPS) technology is the driving force behind the investment, which will result in the retention of more than 1,000 jobs.

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Zytek awarded ?1.35m Government funding to develop electric powertrain technologies centre of excellence   Print  
The new Electric Powertrain Technologies Centre will be based at Zytek?s modern facilities in Fradley (UK) Tuesday, 1st November 2011

Fradley (UK): Clean vehicle technology specialist Zytek has won a £1.35 million grant from the UK Government’s Regional Growth Fund to support the development of an Electric Powertrain Technologies Centre. Based at the company’s technical centre in Staffordshire (UK), the new facility will create 44 jobs developing low carbon technologies for the automotive and other industries.

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Latest research reveals real reasons manufacturers use emergency logistics   Print  
Research by Evolution Time Critical indicates that recovering production volumes and increasingly low inventory levels are leading manufacturers to use high-speed emergency logistics as a planned part of their supply chain Tuesday, 1st November 2011

Research by emergency automotive logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical indicates that recovering production volumes and increasingly low inventory levels are leading manufacturers to use high-speed emergency logistics as part of their supply chain. The company surveyed a sample of 50 supply chain managers from vehicle manufacturers and Tier One suppliers.

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