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Magnificent new 60th anniversary book provides a fascinating insight into the life of the Avro Vulcan   Print  
The 240mm x 240mm format book contains over 130 pages of photography, first-hand accounts, and info about the iconic Vulcan aircraft. Tuesday, 5th March 2013

From the excitement of the first test flight through to the knife edge drama of the famous Blackbuck Falklands mission, the new Vulcan 60th Anniversary book records the astonishing development and service life of one of Britain’s most iconic aircraft

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Energy Efficient oils reduce fuel costs and reduce engine wear   Print  
Millers Oils Energy Efficient oil range provides improved fuel consumption and reduced engine wear for the everyday car Thursday, 28th February 2013

Millers Oils new engine and transmission range use race-proven Nanotechnology to reduce friction losses


Yorkshire, UK, 28th February 2013 – Specialist oil developer and producer Millers Oils has launched a new range of Energy Efficient oils, which have been proven to reduce fuel consumption and engine wear. The oils utilise the company’s Nanotechnology expertise to reduce friction and the result is a potential 2.5% improvement in fuel economy and up to 50% reduction in engine wear.

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Premium freight enables dynamic manufacturing footprint   Print  
Brad Brennan, Evolution Time Critical managing director Wednesday, 27th February 2013

Emergency logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical was recently tasked with a new kind of challenge. A major Tier One had purchased tooling from a supplier in Mexico and wanted to use an existing plant in that country to begin production immediately, fill the supply chain and then move the tooling to a newer facility in Morocco, where production would be resumed without leaving a gap in the supply chain.

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Win a VIP behind the scenes tour of Aston Martin, Aston Martin Racing and Prodrive, or a personal display of the last flying Vulcan   Print  
XH558 in flight Wednesday, 27th February 2013


Petrol heads will be jumping at a chance to win one of seven amazing prizes including:
• A personal air display from the last flying Vulcan
• Four tours of Aston Martin, Aston Martin Racing, and motorsports specialist Prodrive
• A Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle.


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MOOG launches new comprehensive LV catalogue   Print  
Federal-Mogul?s steering and suspension brand MOOG? has launched its latest light vehicle catalogue (CATMO1201) Wednesday, 20th February 2013

New steering and suspension catalogue offers industry leading part and vehicle coverage


Kontich, Belgium, February 20th, 2013… Federal-Mogul’s steering and suspension brand MOOG® has launched its latest light vehicle catalogue with significant parts number expansion resulting in industry leading vehicle coverage. The new catalogue (CATMO1201) includes hundreds of new references across all steering and suspension categories, with comprehensive coverage of the latest popular applications, including the 2011 Audi A1, Citroën DS3 and Dacia Duster. The brand’s Asian nameplate coverage has also grown with newly available parts for such high-volume models as the Toyota Avensis T27.

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Torotrak drives commercialisation strategy with strengthened manufacturing capability   Print  
Jeremy Deering - chief executive, Torotrak PLC Monday, 18th February 2013

New prototyping production capability and membership of government manufacturing consortium accelerates readiness of toroidal drive technology for main drive transmissions, variable-drive superchargers and mechanical hybrids

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Maintenance-free bearings from Federal-Mogul support one of the world?s longest suspension bridges   Print  
Federal-Mogul has developed maintenance-free bearings for the Hardanger bridge in Norway. Images courtesy of Geir Brekke, Norwegian Public Roads Administration Tuesday, 5th February 2013

Federal-Mogul has produced 128 bearings for the Hardanger Fjord Bridge in Norway using its DEVA bearing technology

Stadtallendorf, Germany, February 5, 2013
... Federal-Mogul Corporation (FDML: NASDAQ) has developed maintenance-free bearings for one of the world’s longest suspension bridges. On completion in 2013, the Hardanger Fjord Bridge in south west Norway will be one of the largest in the world, spanning 1,310 metres between pylons. A total of 128 spherical plain bearings using Federal-Mogul’s DEVA self-lubricating material technology will accommodate the small but essential movements that occur under load between the carriageway and its supporting cables.

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IMAGES ONLY- Research to extend XH558?s flying life accelerates with analysis of wing modification requirements   Print  
he 2013 Winter Service is nearly complete. The next stage is test flights, crew training and certification. Friday, 1st February 2013

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Research to extend XH558?s flying life accelerates with analysis of wing modification requirements   Print  
Cutaway (available in very high resolution with high detail) showing the structure of XH558, the last flying Vulcan. Captions showing the areas relevant to the life extension challenges can be seen at www.tinyurl.com/558FAQ Friday, 1st February 2013

Advanced 3D scanning system precisely maps critical wing section

Research to extend the flying life of the last airworthy Vulcan has taken a significant step forward as engineers seek to solve the technical challenges that could stop the aircraft flying after the 2013 season. Top of the list is the need to extend the fatigue life of the leading edge of the wings using a modification developed by Avro in the 1960s and 70s while Vulcans were in still in RAF service. With none of the original jigs surviving to help the Vulcan engineering team with the high-precision operation, they have called upon the latest 3D scanning and computer aided engineering techniques to “reverse engineer” the components.

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Oerlikon Graziano reviews a busy year of Corporate Social Responsibility in India   Print  
Friday, 25th January 2013

Manufacturing company provides medical, educational, environmental and cultural support to the local community

Uttar Pradesh – India, 25 Jan 2013 – the Oerlikon Graziano India factory located in the Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh has brought more than just economic prosperity to the region. A sustained programme of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has enriched the lives of local villagers and school students in a number of ways, both practical and academic, medical wellbeing, environmental and training initiatives for evolving a better living for individuals.

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