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Oil analysis service provides cost-effective, accurate insight into health of machinery   Print  
Millers Oils’ oil analysis service enables manufacturers to monitor the health of their machinery and equipment. Friday, 24th April 2015

Millers Oils helps manufacturers predict machinery maintenance requirements and reduce costs

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Millers Oils uses lessons learnt in heavy-duty CV market to help rail operators reduce fuel costs   Print  
Millers Oils is bringing its Eclipse™ additive to the rail sector, to help operators improve fuel economy, lower emissions and maintain locomotive reliability. Friday, 24th April 2015

Diesel additive uprates the performance of basic fuel to improve fuel consumption

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Oerlikon’s Drive Systems Segment expands distributor network in South America to better service the market   Print  
Friday, 17th April 2015


Torque-Hub® range provides high-torque and long-life performance for industrial and off-highway machinery

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Millers Oils uses lessons learnt in motorsport to cut costs for fleet operators   Print  
“By introducing nanotechnology into our CV oils, we aim to help our customers in this sector improve vehicle fuel efficiency and durability and reduce wear-associated maintenance costs,” says Martyn Mann, technical director, Millers Oils Thursday, 16th April 2015


British oil developer expands award-winning Nanodrive® engine and transmission range 

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Digital Piston Motion Control could mean new era in Combustion Engines   Print  
Compared to conventional IC pistons, Libertine’s design does not require a crankshaft to control the piston’s motion and transmit power, significantly improving packaging and efficiency Thursday, 16th April 2015


Ground-breaking technology could lead to unprecedented combustion efficiency

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New, highly configurable test rigs and dedicated facility expand transmission consultancy’s capability   Print  
DSD has upgraded its test capability with new equipment, including a 3E driveline test rig Tuesday, 14th April 2015


310kW 3E rig provides bespoke vehicle manufacturer-specification test capability

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Federal-Mogul Motorparts opens a test laboratory   Print  
Thursday, 9th April 2015


The new European lab will increase Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ test capabilities and

support the development of new products 

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James Batchelor, managing director of Intelligent Energy motive, says fuel cell technologies provide a much greater zero-emission range than conventional EVs and hybrids and emit only water. Tuesday, 31st March 2015

Zero Emissions Taxis and Black Cabs
Fuel Cell technologies
British Innovation 

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Diagnosis of award-winning automotive engineer raises awareness of under-researched killer disease   Print  
The recent diagnosis of well respected and achieved member of the Automotive Engineering community has raised awareness of an under researched form of cancer. Mike Everitt, the lead engineer on the Bugatti Veyron transmission and current managing director Tuesday, 31st March 2015

Mike Everitt’s colleagues partake in notorious Wolf Run to raise money for research needed to improve 3% survival rate of pancreatic cancer

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Consortium led by Intelligent Energy to deliver zero-emission range-extended light commercial vehicles for fleets   Print  
Consortium, led by Intelligent Energy, will deliver zero-emission, range-extended light commercial vehicles for fleets Friday, 27th March 2015

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